I'm Corderita aka Esperanza, I love playing FFXIV, taking photos and I would love to take yours!
My commissions are currently open
My socials, TOS, and commission info are linked below!
Samples of my work can be found on my socials or linked in the commission pages!
my xma is linked below for public poses! (it's the middle link!)
I do not offer pose commissions at this time.

questions about anything on my pages or you don't see your idea as one of my options? I'm willing to try new things just shoot me a DM! Any socials are fine, discord prefered!
My username is 'Corderita'
I do not accept random friend requests through Discord, if you cannot DM me for whatever reason resort to X/insta, please! (I am aware Discord is bleh sometimes and you are required to send a friend request in order to open a DM with me, that's ok but please don't be offended if I don't accept)

Personal OC information!

please read over my TOS before reaching out to me


Payment must be given before I give the photos to you, depending on how much time it takes me to do said photos the price can fluctuate.
I can decline any requests at any point for various reasons, these will be discussed with you if it ever happens but please respect my decision
I am relatively quick with commissions and try my best to get them done 1-2 days at most after you request them, this can depend on how many I have at the time or something on either end IRL, I try to be very transparent with how long it will take so if you have questions please ask!
If you are paying through USD instead of Gil all payments will be done through paypal, no refunds
By commissioning me for photo or poses you are agreeing that I may use the work I've done for you as examples on my socials or carrd
I will be including my logo on any commissions I do. I will try my best to keep it minimal but I will put it in a spot as I see fit, please respect this as I am trying to ensure my work isn't stolen in any way
If you would like to post photos you have commissioned from me that's ok! please credit me in some way/don't crop out my logo in anyway.
Anything in RED writing on my commission information pages is a must read but I recommend that you read it all for a clear understanding that will allow your commission to go as smoothly as possible
As a lot of 'Drama' happens in the m*dding community I do have personal preferences to some creators that I don't use, if one of your requests involves some of their work I have the right to refuse/provide an alternative
Do not use ANY of my photos to generate any sort of AI art.
Any of my TOS is subject to change at any point, by reaching out to me you are acknowledging that you have read my TOS and have looked at my revision policy below
I do allow revisions/redos of any of my commissions although they will cost extra. As I usually ask for character files and do your commission on my own time, when I finish your order, I send it and then exit gpose. This effectively makes me lose all of my work.
If it is a complete redo, it will only cost 100k-200k extra depending on how many photos you are getting done.
If it is a small change it will cost more because I will have to replicate what I did already and tweak it to your liking, this will be upwards of 200k-300k extra
With this in mind, I am more than willing to schedule my work so that you can have input as I do your order. This will not cost extra at all but may make your commission take longer as I will need to find a time that works for us both.

I am located in the NA data center and do not have any alts at this time. Gil commissions can be done in NA but any ones outside of NA pose/photo are in USD. Prices for photos can be negotiated in dms.